Spectrum of Services

Digital Solutions

Smart technology to offer innovative digital solutions in varied ways.

As the world around us transitions in the wake of challenges posed by COVID 19, so do communication needs and so do we! At Impression Communications, we stand poised to counter challenges with innovative solutions and technology that meet the emerging needs of our partner organizations.

Providing customized, robust and integrated solutions are our asset and we deliver this through need specific platforms such as virtual events, web based conferences, meetings, workshops and virtual networking platforms of any scale. Additional features like chat boxes, links to social media…..add flavor and taste as per the project needs.

  • Virtual Platforms for Global Events and Seminars
  • Virtual Networking Platforms
  • Customized Webinars
  • Live Streaming on Social Media Platforms
  • IP Based Streaming
  • Mobile Tablet Streaming
  • Townhall Webcast
  • Mobile Apps
  • Complete Comprehensive Digital Solutions for Program Implementation
  • Digital Publications ( E-books, Reports etc.)

Till date we have managed virtual conferences at global level, attended by over ……… participants and viewed by ……… visitors across the world.